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A Review of Insect Vacuums and Spider Traps

Barn Spider
You may be afraid of spiders or afraid of insects in your home, in general. And you most definately, want to get rid of them.

The problem with spiders and other insects is that they are so often just beyond our reach. Or they keep flying away or scuttling under the chair...

There are ways of catching these creepy critters. You can use of insect vacuums that suck up the offending insect or spider. Or you use traps that catch the pesky invader in sticky containers.

Here is a review of some of the products that will help you catch and remove insect and spiders from your home.

Bug Vacuum by Lentek:  No more chasing bugs around your home! Bug Vacuum creates a stylish, high-powered suction that captures and kills unwanted pests. It is a safe, efficient and non-toxic alternative to costly, toxic bug sprays in your home. Low voltage grid built into the base kills bugs safely.

The Bug vacuum, designed for bug control, is a cordless vacuum that has been designed to remove insects cleanly and efficiently. The high-powered vacuum assembly is strong enough to pick up any type of insect. The Bug Vacuum is a rechargeable hand-held vacuum unit.

The nozzle extends to reach insects in high corners & high ceiling homes.

This comes with a recharable battery and a charging stand with an LED charge indicator.

The high voltage grid built into the base kills bugs safely and then is safely disabled when wand is removed for insect disposal.

Customer reviews are mixed on this product. Some love this product which has allowed them to catch and kill unwanted bugs. Others find the vacuum too weak to pick up larger bugs or that the electric grid does not always kill captured insects.

BugZooka - Humane Bug Catcherby Gaiam:  This is a battery-free BugZooka which humanely captures insect invaders for outdoor release. To operate simply push the bellows to compress some air, extend the telescoping arm up to 24 inches, and push the trigger. Wasps, spiders, flies and more are whisked inside a removable catch tube for transport outside. There is no unpleasant handling or squashing. No poisonous sprays. You can place the "catch tube" into the freezer to stun or kill insects and spiders if you need to...

Product Features include two clear catch tubes and a wall mount. The ability to catch wasps, spiders, flies and more. These are whisked inside a removable catch tube for transport outside. There is not unpleasant handling of insects or squashing of bugs and no poisonous sprays need to be used.

Customer reviews are quite positive for this product. They find it effective and even fun to use, for example, when catching flying insects.

One customer states:  "With a long reach and no possibility that the battery is weak or dead, this thing has saved the day time and time again in our house. We have had it for 3 years and have used it on dozens of bugs - spiders, flies, bees, moths, mosquitos and even a house centipede. It is powerful, well-built and holds the buggers nicely.

The detachable containment unit is perfect for studying the captive and, more importantly, popping into the freezer for a minute or two to stun the bugger before humanely releasing it back into the wild.

Spider Traps:  Spider Traps by A.M. Leonard:  Simply fold together the chemical free trap and place it along a baseboard, or in a corner of your home. Spiders that crawl through will become stuck inside, enabling you to dispose of pest without ever touching it.

Product Features:  These traps can be used for almost any type of household spider including Hobo spiders, domestic house spiders, wolf spiders, Brown Recluse spiders, Parson spiders, Sac spiders and more. Each trap is has emulsion-treated paper and vegetable-based adhesive. There are six units per pack.

There are many different varieties of glue traps for Spiders and other Insects. Spreading these traps around will let you capture these pests and easily dispose of them.

Insects and spiders are always making their way into our houses. Some are looking for homes or food. And others, like bees, have got themselves trapped inside our house by accident. Here, you have found some ways to get rid of these unwanted guests on this page.

Still, if have a particular fear of spiders and want more information on how to keep all spiders out of your house, then reading Save Me From The Spiders, could be your answer.

Here's just some of the things you'll discover inside this e-book:
  • The natural objects that will repel spiders immediately.
  • How spiders sense things and how we can use this knowledge to stop them in their tracks.
  • The very best man made defences to use against spiders.
  • Simple things that you can do around the home that you know for a fact spiders hate.
  • Information on all the latest spider prevention products.
About the Author:  Scott Harker is the publisher of several websites including: Navy Films, Making Wines, Black Men Skin Care, Niagara Falls, and Best Yoga For Life.

News about Insect Vacuums

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