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Preventing Termites From Invading Your Home

by Graham Bunn

Undergoing a termite attack is big trouble for any home. Termites don't just invade your space like ants or other insects, they physically attack your house and can cause structural damage. These bugs are hard to get rid of, once they have settled in. And pest control professionals are often required to handle termite problems.

But knowing a bit about termites and how they operate, can help you reduce the risks of them entering your home.

First of all, it is important to know what attracts termites. Understanding this clearly, can help you eliminate conditions in your home that encourage termites to come and breed. And keep them from choosing your home as their feeding and living quarters. This will save you a lot of trouble and money down the road.

Termites seek out areas to live in that have high levels of moisture or humidity. As with most living things, termites, thrive when water is abundantly available. Check that your home is kept dry by making sure that your plumbing has no leaks in hidden areas and otherwise keep your home aired out.

Are there nooks and crannies in your home or on the roof that might collect rain water? Draining and preventing such water accumulations has the extra benefit of removing breeding spots for mosquitoes. Again any leaking faucets and water pipes should be fixed for they increase your termite risk and need to be guarded against.

Wood is the food of choice for termites. They need large amounts of cellulose in order to breed and survive. So if you happen to live in a house made from wood, one necessary precaution is to periodically inspect your house for signs of infestation.

If you are doing any new construction or building your house from scratch, use wood that has been specially pre-treated with chemicals to protect it from termite attacks. If you live in a high risk neighborhood for termites, you might want to consider using termite spray as an extra level of protection. Check your local authorites for how often this should be done for where you live.

If your house is surrounded by soil, keep an eye out for termite nests as you do your normal lawn and gardening chores. These nests can found on top of the ground or below the soil's surface. Your soil can be treated with termite prevention chemicals, if neccesary. For those who dislike using chemicals, conducting more regular checks for signs of any termites will help keep you one step ahead of the problems they create.

Knowing where termites prefer to gather - near moisture, in the soil or in wood, will help you prevent them from getting a foothold into your home. Termites are a danger to anyone's house, but common sense vigilence is one way to improve your chances in the battle against termites. About the Author:  Graham Bunn's site, on termites nests provides more information abnout termite control.

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