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Mosquito Control

Find out the latest nosquito control related news here with yahoo, google and youtube. Check out our section on the Best Mosquito related Books on Amazon below.

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Mosquito Repellant ChampionMosquito Repellant Champion

This mosquito control system uses Octenol cartridges (natural mosquito attractant) to provide the primary attraction. There is no propane needed for this mosquito trap. No Assembly Required!

The last thing you want when throwing a lively backyard party is an invasion of mosquitoes, or biting insects. Now, you won't ever have to worry about those bugs again, with this new mosquito trap.

This mosquito control system uses Octenol cartridges to provide the primary attraction for this mosquito control device, so that all the pests will come to it, instead of your BBQ. Our mosquito repellant system also uses body temperature control for thermal imaging which will also coax all the biting insects to the device, not to you. Using a vacuum system it sucks the insects into the capture cup, and then you dispose of the bugs when you're ready. Just plug it in, and enjoy a pest free evening outside.

Latest News About Mosquito Control

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