Tea Tree Oil And Lice

In any situation where you are doing something good for your child's health, the cure has to be as safe or safer than the problem in the first place. If your youngster has a stomach ache, you would not give her a medicine that cured the stomach ache for a couple hours and then made her critically ill tomorrow. Better to put up the stomach ache than that.

We face a similar dilemma when it comes to taking action when your child has an infestation of head lice. The problem is severe and highly upsetting. You cannot just let the situation go on for days on end while you hunt up a solution. If the child was sent home with head lice, that is because they cannot have her at school because the lice will spread rapidly from person to person as well as infest the carpets and clothing of others. By sending her home, you now have that problem at home. And unless you were prepared to take action, the infestation of lice could spread to the fabrics, the carpet and the other members of your family quickly. So the first order of business is kill the adult lice to stop their spread.

Even though the sudden arrival of a head lice infestation in your home qualifies as a crisis, you still need to think through any shampoos or treatments you expose your children to. Many of the shampoos that kill lice actually have pesticide mixed in with the shampoo. So while that is lethal to lice, it can be highly dangerous to the host which is your precious child. There are documented cases where a parent in a fit of panic used one of the pesticide lice shampoos and their child became seriously ill or even died.

Compared to the what seems to be the most drastic reaction to head lice which is to shave the head of the child, putting your youngster at that kind of risk is a far more dangerous proposition. The good news is that a natural essential oil called tea tree oil is highly effective against lice with no risk to the health of the child or anyone who uses it. While tea tree oil has proven to be over 90% effective against adult lice and over 80% effective against the eggs of lice that we need to get rid of also, it has been proven so safe that in small amounts, it can be used on a one year old baby.

The important thing is to take note of this wonderful alternative to harmful shampoos and keep tea tree oil on hand. Sure, lice infections are rare. But the oil is easy to store and it has a long shelf life. And when you have a head lice emergency, you will very glad you have a safe treatment that works well and is safe for your family already on hand.

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