Sea Lice

Scuba divers and snorkelers are well aware of the problem that can occur if you encounter sea lice. Like their land based cousins, sea lice love to attach to fabric or whatever they can get into in order to find a safe and cozy home. Most scuba divers are aware of the need to take measures to rid the outfits they use to dive of sea lice after a dive. If the lice become to numerous, they lice can bite the scuba hobbyist and those bites can be irritating if not down right painful.

There is one novel answer to the sea lice problem and that is to scuba naked. While this seems extreme, naked scuba diving has caught on in popularity and not just because it is an effective control measure against sea lice. There is a natural feeling to be nude in the natural setting of the sea. After all, the fish are nude so why not join them? The movement of the water against your nude frame can be quite exhilarating and liberating. Just as nudism on land is all about being close to nature and gaining that feeling of being one with nature, scuba diving in the raw achieves those same benefits.

Diving naked is less expensive than the alternative because a wet suit can be an expensive piece of equipment to buy and maintain. It is easy to brush against rocks and coral which can cause tears in the suit. Naked divers do not endure these injuries to their skin with as much regularity because just as naturally have an awareness of our skin so we avoid brushing against things that can hurt us, being underwater in the nude gives you that same "radar" so divers are naturally more careful and aware of their environment compared to how it feels to be in the water completely clothed in a wet suit.

If you are going to explore scuba diving nude, there are some issues to be aware of. Men who dive must be careful that their exposed midsection do not create a temptation for fish to investigate as potential food. A bite to that delicate area of your body can be quite painful and embarrassing to say the least. So extra care should be taken to avoid drawing the attention of curious fish. It might be wise to wear a limited undergarment that can contain the area of your body that could be exposed to the danger. Similarly areas that are more prone to hair accumulation offer sea lice places to take up residence so additional shaving or garments to keep those areas secure can be helpful.

Also be aware that socially, others who are enjoying the open waters may not like the sight of you frolicking nude around their children or spouses. Naked scuba expeditions are best done with others who are so inclined and who will not be distracted by your nudity. But if you are curious about how it would feel to dive naked, its worth giving it try for the exhilarating experience and because is eliminates several of the more persistent problems of scuba diving like sea lice.

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