Pictures Of Head Lice

It may seem odd but sometimes it is hard to get young people to cooperate with the process that must be gone through to rid them of head lice if the problem comes up. When you or the school discovers that your son or daughter has head lice, the reaction is usually "GROSS". The idea that the hair of their heads are infested with lice would almost qualify as a horror movie idea which means that when you lay out the process that it will take to get rid of the lice, at first everybody is enthusiastic about doing anything to get rid of the gross bugs from their hair.

The process of getting rid of the lice is long and it can be uncomfortable for the young person. If you use lice shampoos, that shampoo must be worked into the hair at a very deep level twice a day. This is a much deeper washing that they are used to so that may draw complaints. And if mom or dad insist on doing the washing, an older child will feel insulted and embarrassed to have to let mom or dad wash his or her hair. If the treatment that is selected to deal with the lice is a natural substance like mayonnaise or olive oil, often times that treatment will have to stay in the hair as long as overnight. This will be a smelly an uncomfortable process.

To make matters worse, even if the procedures you use are extreme and meticulous, it isnít enough to just clean up one time. The cleansing of the scalp must be repeated day in and day out for at least two weeks to a month. That is because even if you kill all of the lice that are active on the child's head, one of the activates of the lice was laying eggs which are called nits. Those eggs will hatch out over the next 15 days. If you are not staying on top of the lice problem because the infestation seems to be smaller, you can see a huge resurgence once the egg population hatches. So you need to be cleaning constantly so the new lice are killed before they can lay yet more eggs. It is the only way to finally stop the process.

That initial revulsion about the lice may give way to complaints about the process especially because the treatments must stretch on for several weeks. This is where it is good to have a refresher talk with the kids to remind them what they are up against. Arm yourself with lots of information about lice and how they live in the hair and how they lay their eggs on the surface of the hair near the scalp. In fact, if you can get some graphic pictures of lice and lice nits so the kids will know exactly what they have living in their hair, a weekly review of these facts can get them on board with the treatments with fresh enthusiasm.

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