When you get to know those tiny bugs that infect the hair of children and anyone who is unfortunate enough o go through an infestation, lice seem to be creatures that were created only to torment people. Lice are unique in parasites in that the head lice variety survive only by using human beings as a source of food. And while their diet is limited, they ability to infect a person and continue to sustain life as a species is brilliant. When lice take up residence on the head of a host person, they quickly set up shop among the hair follicles of a large amount of hair.

Because lice are so tiny, it is very difficult for the host human to find them in his or her own hair. A typical infection consists of hundreds of lice so the odds of survival even if dozens are killed by a slap to the skin or a lucky grab of the fingers, there are plenty more to replace it. Female lice lay eggs several times a day. They lay three or four eggs at the base of a hair follicle with the egg adhering to the hair itself with a tremendous ability to resist removal. This means that by the time the lice infestation is noticed, the host's head is literally full of nits which are the eggs of the next generation of lice to continue the infestation of the host human being.

The only flaw in this lice program for domination of their host human is that the bites of the adult lice that they must inflict to take nutrition from the scalp, the itching caused by those bites becomes torturous to the person who is enduring the lice occupation which leads to action to be taken to get rid of the lice. But even at that, the onward march of egg laying and procreation of the lice populating is difficult to stop.

Many of the measures that are taken to eliminate lice only deal with the living adult population of lice. But this species of insect is so well evolved that it seems they are prepared for the extinction of the adult population to happen on a regular basis. So any plan that we come up with to cause extinction of a lice infestation on your head or in the hair of your child or loved one must include a plan to eliminate the nits which are the thousands of lice eggs that are still viable even if you use a shampoo or use some other drastic measure to get rid of the adult lice.

There are treatments that can cause the eggs to fail to stop the cycle of lice life on your head. Lice combs are also effective. By understanding the way lice infest a human and why it is important to eliminate them on both the adult and nit level, you can make a plan to eliminate lice from your hair and keep them gone forever

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