Lice Treatment

The common reaction when a person finds out they have head lice is "eww get them off of me!" The "creeped out" factor is one of many reasons that you want to do all you can to get rid of the lice and in the next fifteen minutes if possible. Unfortunately, it is not as easy to eliminate lice from your scalp as it was to get them in the first place. While the knee jerk reaction to the idea that living lice are crawling around on your scalp is to shave the head to eliminate them once and for all. And while this is an effective method to fight lice, it is quite extreme, especially for women. Instead its best to learn about other methods for treating lice and see which one works for you.

You can enlist the aid of a dermatologist who can confirm that the lice are there. But unless the lice are causing a skin related disorder in the scalp, a skin doctor will probably direct you to conventional lice treatment shampoos and other methods for getting rid of lice once and for all. There are some very effective lice shampoos that will go a long way toward killing off the living lice and even washing the eggs, or nits, from your scalp and hair. But the chemicals that are used to kill off the nasty pests are also pretty hard on your hair and the results will be evident in dry and brittle hair that is listless and dead looking.

That is a pretty steep price to pay to get rid of lice. Another fairly effective treatment is to get a lice comb and work it through your hair every day to kill and remove the lice from your hair and scalp. These combs are treated to kill lice so they have somewhat the same effect as medicated shampoos but they are not so hard on your hair. For the most efficient and aggressive treatment, using both will get the lice and nits out of your hair most quickly.

There are treatments that are natural and that many people swear by that actually use foods to eliminate lice from the hair. One home remedy calls for you to work mayonnaise into your hair and then combing it out with a nit comb. Another kitchen commodity that is used in a similar way is olive oil. For both, the effect can be to dislodge lice and nits so you can comb them out with the comb. You will need to saturate the hair and scalp and let the food product sit for fifteen minutes or so to get the best effect.

Whatever method you use, you should plan to repeat the treatment nightly for at least a month to six weeks. Even if the treatment kills all living lice, the presence of eggs in your hair, called nits" will mean that new lice will be born to begin the reproduction cycle again. By repeating daily, you kill these newborn lice off before they can lay down any more nits and eventually you stop the cycle of life taking place in your hair once and for all.

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