Lice Shampoo

There are a lot of misunderstandings and myths about lice and about how a person gets head lice and even what to do about it. It is a myth that a person who gets infected with lice has gotten it through immoral activity or because their hygiene is not good. It is also a myth that lice move from person to person by flying. They move from person to person by contact. That is why schools or places where children come in direct contact with each other are places where lice spread rapidly. The children do not have to hug or be in intimate contact to get lice. Lice can even move from one child to the other through the clothing where they can live for a little while until they come to rest on the skin of the scalp or some other hair infested area which is perfect for them to lay their eggs.

Lice are parasites. There is no polite way of describing how they live except they can only get by in the same way that mosquitoes do, by biting you to get access to your blood. Even a heavy infestation of lice will not seriously damage your blood supply. But the itching that comes from the bites can become a serious problem. And if you get lice, it is imperative you get rid of them so you don't pose an infection risk to others.

As soon as it is discovered that you or your child has lice, the first order of business is to wash everything. This means you should take a very thorough shower and get your clothing into the wash as well. Lice cannot live for extensive periods of time in your clothes but they can use them for transport. So if you strip off your garments to shower and the shower begins to get rid of the lice, as soon as you put the same outfit back on, you can be attacked by the lice that waited for you in your clothing.

The three levels of control you must take back from the lice are the presence of active adult lice, the presence of the lice eggs or nits and the skin problems caused by lice bites that they make when they dine on your blood. As quickly as possible get a quality lice shampoo from the pharmacy and wash your hair very thoroughly. Don't wait for the bottle to say "rinse and repeat". Wash with very hot water and lather the lice shampoo in deeply to get to every nook and cranny of your head to kill the lice.

After you wash, you will need to use a lice comb to try to get rid as many of the nits as possible. Again, this should be a meticulous combing. Nits are laid on the side of your hair at the base of the scalp so the more you comb, the more you will scrape those nits off. After your scalp is clean and clear of lice and nits, the "wounds" of the lice bites will begin to heal up and the healing will go away. If not, consult a dermatologist just in case some of the lice bites becomes infected.

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