Lice Nits

It is hard to say which is the most persistent problem when you get lice in your hair. The mature lice create so much discomfort or the nits. But lice nits are the eggs that the lice lay at the base of hundreds or thousands of your hair follicles. The nits adhere to the base of the hair and are hard to get out of there. But the biggest problem is the obvious one that the nits will hatch into yet more mature lice and the cycle repeats itself. Both the mature lice and he nits pose a real challenge to the host human to get rid of the problem.

The first step to stop lice nits from being placed in your hair is to kill off the mature lice. This is not as easy as it might seem. Even though lice are just little bugs, to get them out of a full scalp of hair can be difficult. If you think you can have someone take a magnifying glass and find them and pluck them out with tweezers, that is simplistic. A typical lice infection involves hundreds of lice all hidden at the base of tens of thousands of hairs of your head. Even if you could see one, it would be very difficult to get rid of them..

Some of the methods for getting rid of lice support the old saying when the cure is worse than the illness. While lice is a disgusting and irritating problem, the shampoos that are sold often employ harsh chemicals that do kill the lice but the chemicals can be harmful to your hair. So you have the satisfaction of knowing that you are getting the lice out of your hair, you also see your hair become thin, without its usual vibrant color and dead looking. As friends and family notice how horrible you hair gets, to have to confess that is because of your lice control shampoo, the public stigma that you hoped to avoid can be hard to endure.

For women, the problem of a lice infection is compounded significantly. For one thing, long luxurious locks of hair are heaven for lice because there is so much hair to hide in. Plus the abundance of hair provides ideal and ample locations for the placement of more lice nits. It takes more effort for a lady to comb out lice with a lice comb or to wash all that hair to kill them off. And, unlike me, ladies do not like the option of going bald in order to deny any more breeding ground for lice. For men, this look is macho but for women it makes you look like you are going through chemotherapy.

Lice combs and shampoos are effective nonetheless. But you must plan to use these treatments for at least two months so you clean out new lice as they hatch out of the nits and to kill them before they lay any more eggs. If you can do that, you can beat a lice infestation through hard work and good hygiene.

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