Lice Eggs

If you or one of your children gets infected with lice, it can be a frustrating problem to try to eliminate. Many families try to use shampoos and other popular treatments and they think they have killed off all of the lice only to find a resurgence of the lice treatment in the hair within a week or two. The reason for that is that once lice get into the hair, they basically live to reproduce. That means that female lice will be laying eggs in the hair twice a day and those eggs will gestate and begin to produce new lice even if you killed off the first generation that has taken up residence in the hair.

The eggs that female lice lay are called nits get attached to the hair and that adhesion is quite strong. Any one adult female lice can lay down dozens of eggs a week and if you have many lice in your hair, that means that thousands of nits may become part of the structure of the infected hair and each of them will hatch out into another generation of lice that are ready to reproduce and start the cycle all over again.

The first job is to kill the adult lice that are getting the process moving. You can use natural remedies or more severe lice shampoos which will destroy living lice. One important note about applying these remedies is that light application of the treatment is not going to be sufficient. You must work the treatment into the scalp deeply and in many cases leave it in place for a while to assure that all adult lice are killed. Many treatments even call for putting the application in and then sealing the head in a plastic bag to allow the treatment to work over night. In the morning the lice killing substance is thoroughly washed out.

No matter what treatment you use, you should plan to comb the infected hair at least twice a day and for as long as half hour to an hour with a quality lice comb. A good lice comb has tiny enough teeth that it can reach the individual hair follicles to begin the process of removing the nits. The eggs that are in the hair are the reason for all of our frustration because even with a all out effort to kill off the lice, the eggs will survive to hatch out in a week or two and then you have more adult lice and then more active eggs.

There is no high tech solution other than persistence and home treatment. By sticking with the treatment every day for 2-3 weeks, you kill off the first generation and get them out of the hair. Then each time a new batch of lice are born from the eggs, the daily treatment kills them before they can reproduce. No eggs will last longer than 15 days so if you stay with the process for 3-4 weeks, you will kill all of the lice and stop the spread of eggs. Then and only then will you be able to say for certain that you have cured that infected head of lice.

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