Lice Combs

As human beings, we sometimes have a tendency to make the solution to a problem harder than it needs to be. That is certainly true when it comes to finding a way to end a infestation of head lice when your child comes home with the problem. To compound the problem, our natural instinct to run to the drug store and buy something can not only lead to getting something that is wrong for the problem, it could result in a dangerous situation.

One of the products you will see promoted heavily when you are in the drug store for taking care of a lice infestation are lice shampoos. It is easy to think, well if this is the product of choice, itís a good idea to try this. You should be on the alert because you are buying something to kill the bugs on your child's head with chemicals. If that sounds dangerous, it is. Shampoos of this kind are commonly laced with insecticides which come with a laundry list of potential hazards. If you read the warning panel on the shampoo and the potential problems are many, put the shampoo back on the shelf because there is an easier way to solve the problem.

A much more reliable and safe solution is to simply use the old fashioned lice comb to reduce or eliminate lice from the head of your child. Lice combs are specially made and prepared to kill any lice they contact when you pass them through the hair of your child. The forks of the comb are close together so every strand of hair is passed over the comb exposing that strand to the chemicals that are present to kill lice. Just as important as killing adult lice, lice combs do a very good job of removing nits left behind by adult lice.

Nits are the eggs that female lice put on individual hairs near the base of the hair at the scalp. It is just as important to kill the nits as it is to get rid of adult lice because even if you killed every adult lice on your child's head, if the eggs are unharmed, a new generation of lice that is many times larger than the first batch will be hatched from the nits in 10-15 days and you will be back where you started.

To use a lice comb, simply have the child shower and use a good routine shampoo to clean her hair well. Next use a conventional brush to get any tangles out of the hair so it flow freely over the lice comb. Sit down somewhere comfortable so you can give this process plenty of time and patience because you are going to comb every hair on your child's head. Then take your time and comb out the nits and lice out of your child's hair.

It is a very effective process. Nonetheless, you should not limit your efforts to one combing. Plan to use the lice comb system for a week or two. That is because even if a few nuts survive your scrutiny, those nits can produce more adult lice which begin reproducing again. You can also combine lice combs with natural treatments such as tea tree oil to increase your odds of destroying the lice civilization in your child's hair once and for all.

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