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If your child is found to have an infestation of lice in his or her hair, the first challenge may be emotional. Particularly if your youngster is a little girl, the "panic" of having her head full of bugs can be pretty hard to contain. Not to mention the fact that it no doubt creeps you out to think of your beautiful daughters hair crawling with lice, you still have to be the calm one to assure your child that the problem can be dealt with and that she is in no immediate danger from the lice. It might be best not to mention that one of the big problems is the lice are laying eggs in her hair, called nits which is causing new lice to be born in her scalp to perpetuate the generational cycle. No child wants to think that her head has become an ecosystem.

If your child is a little boy, a very direct lice control method is simply to get him a crew cut or shaved head hair cut which takes the lice out of the picture in a hurry. And since the lice usually plant their eggs on the base of a growing hair, cutting it all off leaves much of the problem on the barber shop floor. Since very short hair on boys is pretty popular now and your son can see it as a way to look manly, that is a fine "quick fix". But for a little girl who has great pride in her beautiful hair, that isnít a very good option.

A little known natural treatment that you donít need a prescription for can be found at a health food outlet and that is tea tree oil. The chemicals in this natural hair treatment are toxic to lice. And since it is a natural treatment, it is not as harsh to the hair as many over the counter lice treatment shampoos that can be very hard on your child's hair. Not only is this a "green" approach to the problem, it is not so harsh on the hair which is a big draw back for shampoos that contain toxic chemicals that are hard on lice and hair alike. The last thing you want to see is your daughters hair turn dry and lifeless because you just wanted to get rid of lice from her scalp.

Another natural remedy that many people find very effective is nothing more than to fill the scalp with a heavy brand of mayonnaise. A bottle of mayonnaise is quite inexpensive and you can work it into the scalp until the hair is saturated with it. This treatment can be a bit smelly and uncomfortable because the best method is to leave the mayonnaise in to suffocate the lice over night. The next day you comb out the mayonnaise and wash the hair thoroughly to finish the process.

But probably the method for getting rid of lice that has the least impact on the lifestyle of your child is simply to sit down twice a day for about an hour and comb every inch of hair and scalp with a good lice comb. The comb has the chemicals in it to kill lice and the teeth of the comb pull the lice and the nits out of the hair. The nits that are not pulled out are dislodged so they can wash out after the combing. You can make this part of your day pleasant by making is social and enjoying a family TV show as you comb her hair. But you will have to keep this process of combing and washing up for several weeks until you remove all of the lice and nits and interrupt newborn lice before they can reproduce in her hair.

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