How To Kill Head Lice

There is an amazing variety of ways to kill head lice once they get a start living and breeding on your scalp. The urgency to kill the bugs becomes impossible to ignore when you feel the tingling of them walking around on your scalp or when the bites makes your head itch so much that it seems like it wont stop. So the first priority is to get rid of those active lice in your hair. Never mind the fact that having a head full of lice is disgusting. If they are going to disrupt your life that much, they have to go.

Because it is impossible to number how many lice are part of your infestation, the idea of killing them one by one is pretty much out of the question. If your child has come home with lice from school, you can take a magnifying glass and tweezers and pick them out of her scalp one by one. But this is a losing strategy for total success because there simply is no way to get them all that way.

The only true solution is to use a treatment that covers the entire head at once and kills every bug in your hair once and for all. Lice treatment shampoos do that and they are effective. But these shampoos are laced with insecticide which is quite dangerous to the host, which is you or someone in your family. It is bad enough to put yourself at that kind of risk but to put pesticide on the head of your child or the child of a loved one is simply to big of a risk to take. Documented cases where pesticide based lice shampoos caused illness or death in children only emphasize that another solution is needed.

At the most extreme end of the solution scale is shaving the head of the person suffering with head lice. This is not dangerous and once the scalp is bare, it is easy to wash the scalp and rinse away all of the lice. Most of them will go out with the hair when you dispose of it. But it is a drastic thing to do to a child and for a woman, the idea is absurd because it broadcasts to the world what you had to do. If there was no other way to kill the lice, that would be acceptable. But there are other ways.

The easiest way to kill off all the living lice on your head is to smother them or expose all of them to something lethal to lice. There are dozens of natural ways to do this including mayonnaise, lemon juice, vinegar, crushed almonds and lemon and coconut oil. Tea tree oil is a well known treatment for lice which has a documented track record of success and its totally safe. By finding the right solutions to lice infestation before you have the problem, you have a game plan for defeating lice before they can take over. And just having a plan to kill an enemy like head lice can give you and your family plenty of peace of mind.

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