How To Get Rid Of Lice

When your child develops a head lice infection, that look of fear and sadness in her eyes is enough to drive any parent to extreme measures. And when the lice begin to bite and that itching sets in, you want a solution that kills the lice now to stop the biting and that gets rid of them completely so the problem is solved permanently. We now know that even if you use a lice elimination shampoo that kills the lice that are alive on the child's head right now, that is not a permanent solution. Because adult lice lay thousands of eggs in the hair of your youngster, within days after you kill one generation of lice off, the next is hatched out to start the cycle all over again.

So elimination of head lice is a two pronged war. It is war against the adult lice that are making your child miserable. And it is war against the eggs that will hatch out more lice next week. You have to win both battles or you lose in the long run. And like any war, you have to know your weapons so you don't use a weapon that kills the lice but creates other worrisome problems along the way.

That is the dilemma we face in using most of the powerful shampoos that are made for killing lice. These shampoos are so potent that if you read the bottle and pay attention to all of the warnings, this stuff can scare the heck out of you. It can be harmful to the eyes and even causes to the skin if the shampoo gets on an open sore. It is toxic if swallowed as well so it seems that there are more ways this shampoo can hurt your child than it can help her.

The good news is there are some natural ways to control and eliminate head lice that are not dangerous and have been working for a long time before all of these new chemical treatments were invented. The simple way to handle the first front of the war against the adult lice is to suffocate them in a heavy treatment kills them wherever they are on the head. Amazingly simple household mayonnaise does the trick. By working a generous application of mayonnaise into the scalp and making sure very fiber of the hair is covered, the lice have no where to hide. It is recommended to leave the treatment in place for about 15 minutes to make sure they are all dead and then allow the child to wash it out and use a metal toothed comb to take the dead lice out of her hair.

To eliminate the eggs from hatching into more lice, there is an all natural application made from the sap of the oriental Neem tree that disrupts the development of the lice eggs so they cannot hatch. It also kills developing lice who have just hatched out. By using this combination method and keeping the scalp clean at all times, you can beat lice and stop the suffering of your child. And you can do it without putting her at significant risk. Those are the jobs of a good parent like you.

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