Head Lice Pictures

The best plan of attack for any potential enemy of your family is education. When it comes to head lice, the more you know, the better. For one thing, if you are uninformed about what kind of danger head lice pose, it is easy to panic when your child is sent home with a head lice infestation in her hair. Not only is the very idea of your princess having her hair full of lice horrifying, not knowing anything about lice or how to treat the problem while your child is sent home in a virtual state of medical emergency is one of those nightmares that keep parents up at night.

Secondly if you are not informed about what head lice are and how they behave, you donít have any idea how to fight them. The old military advice of "know your enemy" applies very well when it comes to head lice. And while the chances your child will have an episode of lice infestation are low, better to take the time to get to know these insidious little creatures as well as the best strategies for defeating them long before the crisis comes up. Then when you do face the problem or a neighbor or friend does, you are the cool head that knows what to do.

It won't seem to help a lot to look at a full color 8X10 picture of a head lice. For one thing, they are not that large. When a photo is blown up, lice look like aliens from a horror movie. They are nothing but ugly. In fact, you will no doubt react with horror and possibly some nausea looking at these nasty bugs. But there is a good reason to know what they look like and to make sure your kids know.

When you take the time to make yourself learn about something that is even upsetting like what head lice look like, you take the mystery out of the problem. And when lice becomes a real problem in someone's home, fear, myth and panic are some of the biggest foes that are faced. For young people, seeing those photos is a wake up call to take proper precautions not to get an infestation. And when the photo is part of a family self-education program about what to do, the teenagers and even the children know that when they get home, resources are there to get rid of this nasty infestation and get back to normal. And that is what everybody wants.

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