Hair Lice

There is nothing fun about getting head lice and in most cases the experience is at best unpleasant and at worst disgusting and it could lead to more serious problems if the lice bites become infected. It is not much consolation that lice have been around for a long time. In fact, there are references to lice being a problem to the children of Israel as they were in the midst of their long sojourn out of Egypt. But the fact that even Bible characters dealt with lice isnít much comfort to a child who has to cope with the fact that her hair is full of bugs and mom or dad cannot just make them go away, at least not quickly.

If you are thinking about what to do if your child gets infected with lice, you are one of the smart ones. That is because by the time an infection is made known, the entire head is no doubt full of lice and the chances the problem will spread to the rest of the family are quite high unless you take fast action to stop the problem before it gets momentum in your home. Because you are thinking about what to do about a lice infestation in any person in the family, you can start now to find a good lice shampoo to have on hand so that when you get the infected child home, you can get him or her right into the shower.

Time is of the essence in getting the lice infestation under control not because the child is in any danger. Instead you want to contain the lice problem to keep it from spreading to the rest of the family and to begin to turn back a problem that will only grow bigger and more troublesome the longer it goes untreated. So lay in a supply of lice treatment shampoo and lice combs because these items will be your primary tools to battle the problem.

When you get the infected child home, quickly get his or her clothing into the wash and wash and dry the clothing at the highest heat settings to kill any lice that have taken up residence in the clothing. Next get the child into the shower to use the lice shampoo to do a thorough washing of the scalp area. Now medicated shampoo like this must be used carefully and in full observance of the guidelines on the bottle because it is a harsher shampoo which can harm the eyes. Also the shampoo process must be much deeper and longer lasting than the child might be used to. For this reason it might be best if a parent washes the child's hair to make sure the job gets done right.

Donít just stop with those two steps. The hair washing followed by a careful use of a lice comb of the hair should be repeated twice a day for at least two weeks. It might also be wise to include other children in the family in the process to be sure the lice problem has no chance of spreading into the home. This will be a process that will be troublesome to the family. But it is more troublesome to see a lice problem become severe and that fact should go along way to enlist participation in the family members in making your home lice free.

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