Getting Rid Of Lice

Parents hate getting bad news from school. One piece of bad news you might get that does not reflect on your child's behavior is that he or she is infected with lice. Lice infections spread through schools like wild fire because children are so social and the close quarters of a school setting are a ripe environment for lice to spread. If your youngster is sent home with lice, that doesn’t mean that he or she was being too intimate with another person. Lice can spread through the clothing or even through the carpets in the classroom. But the school has to get the infected children out of the school setting and require that you fix the problem before your child can come back to school.

The first order of business is to take action quickly. If you get the call from the school that your child has lice, don’t waste any time to quarantine the child until you can get the problem isolated. Is it not too extreme to even put plastic cleaners bags or large trash bags down on the car seat and to require that your child do not rest his or her head on the seat back to assure lice do not get in the seats and upholstery of the car. When you get home, throw out the coverings in case any lice leapt off from the child in an attempt to spread.

At home, its also appropriate to have the child strip before going very far into the house and to send him or her off to shower the very first thing after they get home. Take his or her clothing and get them into the wash quickly. Even after they go through the wash, put the clothes on a very high level of heat in the dryer to kill off any surviving lice that might be living in the clothing of the child. Instruct the child to wash at a high heat to rinse off any lice on the skin and to wash the hair with deep massaging. This will not stop the problem but it can slow it long enough for you to take the next steps.

The next step is to treat the child's head so you stop the spread of the lice and limit the impact of nits that can prolong the infestation for weeks. Nits are lice eggs and female lice lay several batches of nits every day. It doesn’t take long until a child's head is full of lice eggs which you want to get rid of. If you have a lice treatment on hand, use that immediately to kill all remaining adult lice.

If you don't have lice shampoo, use mayonnaise by working it into the child's hair deeply. Let the mayonnaise sit for at least an hour. To be totally thorough, let it remain in the hair over night. In the morning wash it out and rinse several times to get rid of the smell of mayonnaise. Then comb the hair out with a lice comb. Repeat this cycle two times a day for 2-3 weeks. This process has been recognized as the most complete way to stop a lice infection on your child in its tracks and kill the lice and keep them gone.

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