Crab Lice

Itís a delicate topic but there are three areas of the body where lice can infect you and each one of them requires an effort to get rid of the problem. The most well known area for lice infestation is the hair of the head because that is one that young children often come in contact with through school or some other setting where the child is with other children who can infect an entire community. Skin lice are also not uncommon. But the delicate area that lice sometimes like to take up residence is the pubic hair.

Sometimes lice of the pubic area are referred to crab lice. That is a case of mistaken identity because the infection known as "crabs" is actually a mite that is just as troublesome and embarrassing to come down with. But the crab mite is different from the public lice that can also infest this area. Its good to keep things clear so you know what kind of problem you are facing and how to go about seeking treatment.

If you get lice in your pubic hair, there is good news and bad news. The good news is that lice in your pubic area has nothing to do with how clean you are as a person. You donít get lice from poor bathing habits or lack of attention to hygiene in this area. The bad news is that pubic or crab lice are almost always spread through sexual activity with someone else who has the problem. So that throws a light on who you had as a sex partner. If you wish to be a good citizen, you would be doing him or her a favor to let them know you discovered the problem. The blame game can go on later. For now everyone just needs to get the problem under control.

The evidence of lice in the pubic area are the same for men or women but they might not show up right away after the night of the infection. But once the lice begin to infect your hair down there, it could get quite uncomfortable and lead to a lot of itching and unsightly sores that you will want to get attended to. The symptoms include itching, appearance of droppings of the lice in your under garments and light blue spots on your pubic skin that sometimes get red and sore.

Treatment for the lice problem will always be done with an ointment or cleanser to apply to the area to kill the lice. Some of the commercial treatments contain harsh chemicals that can irritate the skin further and sting on application, particularly if you have fresh sores from the infection. But there area also natural treatments that work just as well without the negative side effect.

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