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How To Battle Wasps

Keeping Wasps at Bay -

With the arrival of summer comes the arrival of wasps, which can be a real annoyance when wanting to spend time outdoors. These insects offer a painful sting when attacked by one and can leave a painful swollen mark behind.

Oftentimes, people innocently walk into a nest and are stung multiple times, causing extreme pain and sometimes a visit to the local emergency room. Knowing how to keep wasps at bay can help eliminate this problem and keep family members safe from wasp stings. There are many wasp killer products to choose from, along with tricks that can often deter the wasps from coming into your vicinity.

Understanding the difference between wasps and bumble bees is important, as bumble bees are part of the important cycle of pollination and very rarely sting anyone. Wasps on the other hand do not provide this service to plants and are basically just an annoyance.

It should be noted that wasps are insect predators and are often important in keeping down the number of crop damaging insects. So only remove wasps that are a direct hazard to you and your family.

When wasps are a problem, swarming around your outdoor area, more than likely there is a wasp nest close by. Locating the nest and destroying it usually offers relief from them, but doing this can dangerous and takes a brave person to attempt it.

Using a wasp killer that destroys the nest along with the wasps, works well. Wearing pants and long sleeve shirts when using the wasp killer will help prevent stings, as wasps become very aggressive when they are disturbed. Spraying the nest during the nighttime hours can help ensure that the entire colony is in the nest and will be destroyed with a strong wasp killer.

Using the wasp killer in the proper manner will usually destroy most of the wasps and the nest if the entire nest gets soaked thoroughly. Most wasp killer products that destroy nests are made to spray from a safe enough distance to be able to spray the nest and get away from it fast enough to prevent getting stung from wasp that do get away.

Spraying inside the nest will help to ensure that most wasps are killed. Many of the wasp killer products work as a freezing agent that freezes the wasps and nest. These types of products work well and are the best way to keep wasps at bay by destroying the nearby nests and the wasps that reside there.

If no wasp nests are located but wasps are an annoyance when outdoors, there are also wasp killer traps that can be set around to trap these pesky insects. They are inexpensive and somewhat effective in keeping them away from people. If wasps are a major problem in your yard or patio area, hiring a professional exterminator can help to put an end to this problem. Exterminators offer powerful extra strength wasp killer products and they know how to used them safely and effectively without getting stung.

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News about Controlling Wasps

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