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Using Electronic Rat Traps

An electronic rat trap is just goofy sounding. As a guy, I naturally like things which involve a large level of voltage, which makes the electronic rat trap a very interesting idea. The only question is, does it work? Is it actually viable as a way of eliminating pests. I've dubbed the electronic rat trap the rodent electric chair, and have found some interesting facts out about these little devices that I think you'll find interesting. Enjoy!

Recently, my parents have had a great deal of trouble with rats and mice. With large avocado trees and a deck where mice, rats, and other vermin can live, we've seen a high population of rats move into the neighborhood. Traditionally, they've used rat poison as a means of eliminating the pests, but this isn't really the best option for most homes because rat poison can also kill and harm household pets. That's the reason why I've been doing research on a wide range of different options, one being the electronic rat trap.

An electronic rat trap delivers a lethal 8,500 volts of electricity, which is more than enough capacity for killing large rats and mice, and for giving a nice jolt to any living thing. I hope it's not harmful to humans :) Just kidding, it's not. As a young person, I was enchanted with the strange blue lights that zapped mosquitoes and other airborne insects around buildings. Electronic rat traps are equally as cool, and I definitely am eager to see one in action.

People will try all manner of tactics to get rid of vermin. I remember as a child my parents used a plastic owl on our roof, which didn't seem to work with rodents, but which my dog was absolutely horrified of. The electronic rat trap seems to be the ultimate, though fanatical, endeavor to date for pest control. 8,500 volts! Are you kidding me? It definitely seems a bit like overkill to me, but I'm no expert?

The electronic rat trap gets its power from a battery, though a solar powered version would be even more awesome, though I'm not sure the sun would be a viable source for 8,500 volts of shock power :) I've searched but haven't seemed to be able to find a solar powered one yet.

For some reason I haven't yet been able to determine, it seems that urban regions are beginning to see a higher infestation of rodents than before. As a landscaper on the side, I continually come across yards that are devastated by rabbits, rats and mice, as well as a few other critters. Though I haven't been able to find the cause of this recent infestation, many people are exploring their options for pest control. I think one of the big factors with the current infestation is that I live in an area that's had a couple of recent fires. The outer hillsides have been ravaged, which I'm sure is a factor that drives much of the animal population into urban areas. Whatever the factor, they're not going to be happy when they accidentally step into an electronic rat trap and find 8,500 volts of power introduced through a metal plate in the floor. Man, I'm glad I'm not a rat.

About the author:  Ben Mester is an author and an online marketer who likes to write about interesting technological advances. For more info, check out

Product Description

The new, larger Rat Zapper Ultra offers you more kills and longer stand-by times. Perfect for larger rats (and mice too!), ongoing rodent infestations and commercial applications. Larger chamber than the Rat Zapper Classic. Bait with ordinary pet food. Mice and rats enter the chamber and are dispatched with a quick but powerful jolt of electricity. If they'll fit in the chamber, Rat Zapper will dispatch them! No blood, no gore, no mess, and no poisons to endanger your pets or the environment. Flashing kill light tells you when you have a catch; simply tip the Rat Zapper and let the dead rodent slide into the trash can. Dimensions: approximately 4" x 4-3/4" X 11-1/2". Approximately 30 kills with one set of 4 alkaline "D" Cell batteries. Easy to use, and reusable. Not an ultrasonic device. Optional remote monitoring with the Rat Zapper Rat Tale. Can be combined with other units as part of the Rat Zapper Battle Station.

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