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Choosing A Home Pest Control Service

by Russ Frank

Some questions concerning an indoor pest control service will be answered when they meet you to provide an estimate. Was their personal appearance and manner professional? Were they on time for the appointment? If not did they call ahead to let you know? Was their vehicle well marked, clean and professional? Were they helpful and informative or did they try high pressure sales tactics?

One question to ask a pest control service is "How long have you been in business?" More experience is better. Another question is how much training and experience your technician will have? Professional home pest control companies are typically required to provide all licensed technicians with training annually or even more often.

"Are you licensed?" is a reasonable question. Check with your state to verify their answer. You should not do business with any home pest control company that is not 100% legal.

An important question to ask is whether the company is insured. Ask for a certificate of insurance. Verify it with the insurance company. Lack of insurance is a serious problem. Do not do business with a service that can't or won't verify their insurance.

What methods and techniques does the home pest control service use?. This question will help you understand how well they understand pest control. A professional will respond with an explanation about the importance of removing potential sources of food and shelter for the pests. Any treatment options must include methods of preventing the pests from entering the home.

Ask how will the company react to an infestation. Of course they'll come in to knock down the infestation, but then what? How will they ensure that the infestation won't re-occur? Home pest control professionals will explain how they'll break the life cycle of the pest.

Ask friends and neighbors for recommendation. This is the only way to evaluate a company's customer service. These recommendations will also help evaluate the effectiveness of the company's methods and techniques.

Do they belong to professional associations? Professional pest control associations offer many benefits to their members such as educational opportunities. Be wary of home pest control companies that don't belong to at least one professional association.

How do their prices and services compare with other pest control companies? Asking for bids from several pest control companies allows you to compare prices and services. While price is one factor, professional knowledge and customer service may be even more important.

About the Author:  Russ Frank, the owner/manager of Florida Bug Inspectors, has been solving residential pest control problems in the Tampa Bay area for over 25 years.

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