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Get Bed Bugs Out Of Clothes

Get the Bed Bugs Out of Your Clothes

Bed bugs, once thought to be elminated as a problem in the United States have made major comeback in recent years.

The constant stream of international travelers, businessmen, tourists, workers and immigrants crossing uUSA borders have brought back these blood sucking pests.

Establishments that are said to be the bed bugs exchange centers. That is, places where you might pick up hitchhiking bed bugs and bring them into your homes are:

- Busses
- Trains
- Cabs
- Airplanes
- Hotel rooms
- Motels
- Breakfast-inns.

These are the places where bed bugs might sneak into your clothes or luggage. In fact, anywhere that allows a constant stream of travelers to stay any length of time, especially at night can be a source of bed bugts.

Bed bugs are opportunistic travellers and hitchhikers. With that in mind, here are some ways on how to get the bed bugs out of your clothes, when you go into these places.

You cannot get bed bugs out of your clothes simply by avoiding the mentioned hotspots. If you must move around the country or abroad, these places are unavoidable. They are part of our lives.

But if you want to keep your house clean and free from bed bugs infestation, check out these Tips on How to Get the Bed bugs Out of Your Clothes.

** Simple Tips on How to Get the Bed Bugs Out of Your Clothes

Tip #1: In a hotel, you can get bed bugs out of your clothes, if you vigerously shake off your clean and used clothes for bed bugs, the morning before you check out.

Having bed bugs in your things or clothes does not mean that you are dirty or stinking. Or that the place you stayed in is unclean. Bed bugs do not stay in a certain area or place because it is clean or filthy. They stay in a place that easily provides them food - remember they feed on human blood.

Tip #2: To get the bed bugs out of your clothes, you must make sure that the suitcase in which you carry your clothes is bed bugs free. Shaking your clothes to get bed bugs out of them is not enough, if the very suitcase that will carry your clothes has bed bugs inside.

The night before you leave your hotel, remove any items that you have along with the clothes inside your suitcase. Buy a water based insect killer and spray on the insecticide around the suitcase. Don't spray on inside.

Then place your belongings and other items inside a clean, dry, bath tub. Bed bugs don't like ceramics and marbles much, so they won't be present anywhere near the tub. However, all the wood furniture near your bed are undoubtedly infested.

Tip #3: Another sure way to get bed bugs out of your clothes is to take your clothes, clean and used, to a laundry before going home. Ask the laundryman to soak it in warm water for twenty minutes. Clinging nymps on your used clothes, especially the clothes you used on bed, will die when soaked in warm water.

Tip #4: You can get bed bugs out of your clothes, if you will resist the urge to sleep on the bed just before you leave. The bed bugs may cling onto your sleeves as its last shot to draw blood from you and stay there before you leave.

Tip #5: When you get home, remove all your clothing, and even socks, and soak them in warm water for twenty minutes. Do this immediately to avoid spreading bed bugs around your house in case a female bed bug has secreted itself on your collar or sleeve.

If you are a constant traveler, following the tips mentioned here may make you look like a person suffering from an obsessive compulsive disorder. But this effort is worthwhile.

These measures can help you avoid having your house getting infested with these nasty bugs. They are very hard to terminate once they invade your household.

A remedy for a bed bug infested home can include throwing away every furniture and abandoning the place for three weeks. So which is easier and better to do? Preventing the bed bugs from coming into your house or exterminating them later?

News About Bed Bugs and Clothes

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