Sand Flea Bites

Sand flea bites can be one of the most uncomfortable and painful bites that you can endure. Sand fleas like to live in the outdoors, usually on beaches. This means that they are not usually the culprit of flea infestations in your home. However, they can have equally severe consequences if you do not protect yourself from them.

Sand flea bites differ from cat and dog flea bites in the aspect that sand fleas can be more aggressive as a predator. Like the common mosquito, sand fleas use a substance when they bite their target. This can cause allergic reactions to the chemicals in their saliva. If you are allergic to the common mosquito, you run a high chance of being allergic to sand flea bites as well.

When you go to a beach or a sandy area, you will want to wear bug repellents. Many repellents guard against the sand flea, as these predators can be a dangerous pest. They can gather in large groups and can cause many bites in a short period of time. If you go to the beach, you can avoid these flies by going in the middle of the day. Like other fleas, sand fleas are not fond of dry, hot parts of the day.

Like other fleas, sand flea bites hurt. The flea bites into your skin to draw blood, which is the primary source of discomfort and aggitation. However, there is a small chance that a sand flea bite can develop into something more dangerous. On rare occasion, a sand flea may embed themselves into a human target. This occurs when a sand flea bites and burrows into where they have bitten. As sand fleas begin at only one millimeter in size, it can be very difficult to detect when this has happened.

What you cannot miss is when the sand flea bite turns into a growing lump. This lump can be gray, white or appear black beneath the skin. If you notice something like this developing where you have been bitten, it is vital that you see your doctor immediately. Once sand flea bites have progressed to this stage, the infecting flea will need to be removed by a quick surgical procedure. Fortunately, these bites rarely have severe consequences if they are dealt with immediately.

Sand flea bites may cause disease. If you notice any symptoms beyond that of a standard flea bite, contact your doctor immediately. This can help prevent any lasting consequences from flea bites.