Killing Fleas

Killing fleas is a vital, but difficult task that home owners must do if faced with an infestation. Fleas can be dangerous, causing many bites that can take up to two weeks to heal. As flea saliva contains a substance that can be an allergen to many people, getting an infestation under control quickly is needed to prevent reactions for those who are allergic. In addition to this, flea bites can also transmit various diseases to those who are bitten. If you have symptoms of fever, or a bite persists for more than two weeks, you should contact a doctor immediately, as you may need special treatment.

There are several tactics that you can use when killing fleas. With so many variances, the method you use is dependent on a few factors. First, you need to decide whether or not you are willing to use harmful chemicals to assist you in killing off the fleas. Many of the aggressive flea removal processes require lethal chemicals to quickly kill off the flea populations. Borax and flea foggers are common toxic regimes used to eliminate fleas.

If you want safer methods for killing fleas, you can expect to require more time to make the flea biting stop. You can use pet products like Advantage and Front Line to kill fleas. These turn your pets into flea killing machines. By constantly using these products, you can expect results within two to three months.

Understanding how fleas breed is vital in killing fleas. As a flea infestation is not officially over until the last egg has died, you need to know when it is safe to halt treatments. As a rule, treatments should not cease until two and a half years after the last flea bite has occurred. This is due to the fact that a flea egg can survive up to two years without hatching. Treatments of flea foggers and Borax soap may not kill the pupa within the eggs. As this is the case, you can treat a room and not kill all of the eggs.

Once you have removed the flea infestation and no bites are occurring, you need to make certain you continue to treat your pets with Front Line, Advantage or a similar product. This is due to the fact that your pet can help prevent future infestations from occurring. As fleas can travel indoors on humans and pets, you need to always keep a defensive outlook on killing fleas.