Frontline Flea

Frontline flea medication is a multi-purpose drug designed for both cats and dogs. Its primary purpose is to protect your pet against flea bites, in order to make their lives more comfortable. Its secondary function is a benefit caused by the first. Through proper application of Frontline flea medication, you can drastically reduce the number of fleas that are in your home.

In order to be effective, Frontline flea medication needs to be used before and after flea season starts and ends. In most areas, treatments should begin in March and end in December. As the time that fleas are not active is very short, many people will treat their pet year round. This has the benefit of helping prevent against infestation in the off season, as your home makes a suitable environment for fleas to be active even in the coldest parts of winter.

Frontline flea medication should be used as directed. If you forget to treat your pet, they will become susceptible to flea bites, which can cause them to scratch at the bite for up to two weeks. This constant scratching can cause their fur to fall out, as well as create cuts on their body. This is a particular problem in show animals, as a show animal with fleas will not be permitted to enter a show or contest.

If you are suffering from a severe flea infestation, Frontline flea medication should only be the first of the measures that you take to remove them fleas from your home. However, this formula will not remove an infestation. You will need to take other steps to remove the fleas.

Products that are frequently used with Frontline flea include flea foggers, borax soap, and natural repellents such as Citronella, Lemongrass and Pennyroyal. If you have children or small pets, you should be very careful about the application of both borax and natural alternatives. While natural, they can also be toxic in used incorrectly.

There are many benefits to using Frontline flea medication as well as protecting your home against fleas. First, flea bites can be very painful and cause irritation, swelling and itching for up to two weeks. If you suffer from an allergy, these reactions can be far more dangerous. In addition to this, fleas can be a carrier of diseases, which can be transmitted to you or your pet.

If you are suffering from a flea infestation, you should make sure that you take actions against the infestation immediately.