Flea Treatment

If you are in need of a flea treatment for yourself or your pets, chances are that fleas have invaded your home, office or living space. Sometimes it can be difficult to tell where an infestation is occurring. Because of this, you will want to take some time to determine the source of the problem while you are beginning basic flea treatments on yourself and your pet.

The first step in a normal flea treatment regime is to douse your pets in anti-flea medications. Pets are usually the primary source of a flea infestation, as they bring fleas from the outside to the inside. These fleas then make their homes in your carpets or on your furniture, where they can lay hundreds of eggs in a week. As it only takes several fleas to cause numerous bites, treating your pets against fleas can greatly limit how far an infestation goes.

The second step in a flea treatment regime is to guard your home against new fleas from entering on their own. This can be done through use of natural agents such as Pennyroyal, Citronella, Lemongrass and Cedar chips placed strategically in or outside of your home. Borax soap can also be used, as well as indoor flea traps.

If you find that these methods are not helping to lower the number of flea bites that are occurring, the next step in a flea treatment regime is much more aggressive and requires a lot more work. After carefully guarding delicate furniture and items used for the preparation and eating of food, you can seal off a room and use a flea bomb or fogger. These items are dangerous, but can kill off a flea population within a matter of hours. If you need to use a flea bomb or a flea fogger, you should make certain that you follow the instructions carefully. These tools can be highly dangerous, running the risk of causing a flash fire, explosion or poisoning. Before you use a flea bomb or fogger, you should ensure that there are no active heat sources in the room or adjacent areas that you are fogging. These heat sources can cause serious damage to your home. Once you are finished fogging, you should take the time to air out the room as directed, as breathing in the substances can cause health problems.

While a flea treatment regime is a lot of work, taking the time to properly treat your home against fleas can help prevent sickness and discomfort.