Flea Trap

A flea trap may be the perfect solution for those who want to get rid of a flea infestation without the use of harmful chemicals or strong medications. These traps are designed to attract, capture and prevent fleas from escaping. This results in the death of the flea, removes their ability to reproduce, and allows you to live in peace.

A flea trap can come in many forms. The preferred type uses no chemicals, and attracts fleas through light and heat. As fleas can sense body warmth, the flea trap emulates the temperature of a living creature in order to attract the fleas. When the flea gets close to the flea trap, they are caught in it. Once captured, they die, preventing the cycle from renewing.

Selecting which flea trap is right for you can be a challenge. The type of trap you select is often dependent on how widespread the infestation is. A common trap will have a range of roughly 25 feet, allowing one trap to cover an entire room. If you have an infestation, you may need to buy several traps to place around your home to make certain that all of the fleas are killed.

Unlike flea foggers, Front Line, Advantage, Borax soap and other remedies, all that you need to make use of a flea trap is a power outlet and pads for your specific trap. The pads are designed to prevent the fleas from escaping, and can be removed when it has captured the amount of fleas it is designed to handle. By replacing the pads frequently, you can make sure your trap remains effective.

A good flea trap will be durable, and have a screen that protects the pad from being accessed by children. While the pads are not toxic to children or pets, it takes time for the fleas captured on them to die. As such, you do not want your pets to have access to this pad, as it is possible that they may be able to free the fleas and get bitten in the process.

As fleas can be carriers of disease and cause discomfort for up to two weeks from just one bite, you will want to make certain that you take all of the necessary steps in order to prevent bites. A flea trap is one of the easiest, safest ways that you can remove fleas.

It is suggested that you make certain to treat your pets with flea medications, as a flea trap will not be able to protect your pets from fleas that they get from the outdoors.