Flea Killing

Flea killing is something that needs to be done immediately in the case of a developing infestation. As fleas are carriers of diseases, they can cause long term health consequences if they are not dealt with as soon as possible. In addition to this, flea bites can be extremely painful, causing several weeks of discomfort and itching. As fleas are not extremely picky about whom they bite, all of the members of your family are at risk from them.

Flea killing can be done in several ways. First, the fleas can be prevented from biting your pets through common anti-flea medications such as Advantage and Front Line. These medications are designed to help your pet cope with the bites they have gotten, and prevent future bites. As biting a pet who has been treated with these medications is lethal to the flea, it also works to control the number of fleas in your home.

Flea killing only through use of anti-flea medications is not suggested. As the fleas are already in your home, you will need to take some measures to make certain that the flea eggs are prevented from hatching as well as control the fleas that have not found your pets yet. This can be done through treatments of Borax soap, applications of Pennyroyal, Cedar chips or Citronella or through more aggressive means, such as a flea bomb or fogger.

If you decide to use a flea bomb or fogger as a flea killing method, you should keep in mind that these chemicals are toxic. When you use them, you should follow directions carefully. Protect floors and furniture that are at risk from the chemicals, remove all eating utensils and dishes from the room, and make certain young children and pets stay away from the area that is being fogged. The process usually takes between three to five hours per room to complete. The benefit to this method is that the vast majority of fleas in the room that is treated should die, so long as you have made certain to seal all of the exits to the room. Like other animals, fleas will flee from an area with toxins, so you should make certain their routes of escape are cut off. The primary reason a flea fogging attempt fails is due to the fact that a fogger is used in a room too large for its capacity or there is a route of escape for the fleas.

If you are systematic in your approach to pest control, flea killing is easy and rather inexpensive. Once the fleas are gone, you should make certain that they are prevented from returning by dousing your pets with anti-flea medication and using treatments as needed.