Flea Killers

There are a broad range of flea killers available on the market. Ranging from herbal remedies that act as flea repellents to toxic chemical bombs designed to quickly purge a home of pests, there is something for everyone. Before you select which flea killers you should use, there are several things that you should keep in mind.

First, not all flea killers are safe for homes with pets or children. While treatments such as Borax soap can be very effective at killing fleas in carpets, they should not be used if there are small children who play on the carpeting. This is especially important if the children put things in their mouths. This can result in accidental poisoning of the children. Pets may also be prone to licking the carpeting, which can cause minor poisoning. Natural substances, such as Pennyroyal, Citronella and Lemongrass can be used as repellents, and should be placed where children and pets cannot easily access them. While they are not as dangerous as other products, ingesting some of the herbs used for flea repelling can be harmful.

Among the most dangerous of flea killers are products such as flea bombs or foggers. These expel high amounts of toxic fumes and powder into a room, which kill fleas. These take around three hours to set, and roughly thirty minutes to an hour for the room to air out after. There can be anywhere from one to two hours of time involved in prepping a room to make it safe to use a flea bomb in.

One of the safest flea killers is already used in many homes. The flea treatments prescribed by vets often include a flea killing compound. This compound is perfectly safe for your cat or dog, but is lethal to fleas. This helps break the flea life cycle, as a dead flea cannot reproduce.

The severity of your flea infestation should be the primary factor in the type of flea killers you select. If you and your loved ones are being bit frequently, you should address the problem aggressively, using flea bombs and other treatments to quickly lower the flea populations. If you are suffering from infrequent bites, you can use less aggressive means to destroy fleas.

No matter which type of flea killers you end up using, you should make certain that you put your family's safety first. If you use flea bombs or foggers, make certain that you follow the directions extremely carefully, as they are flammable as well as toxic.