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If you are faced with a flea infestation, flea bombs may be the ideal solution to your problem. By closing off a room that is infected and using a flea bomb, you can kill the vast majority of fleas in that room. The process only takes about five hours to complete per room. If you plan in advance, you can do an entire home in a day, drastically limiting the number of fleas that can bite you, your family and your pets.

There are several reasons that flea bombs are a preferred method of removing a flea infestation. First, if you combine it with flea repellents at all entries into your home, you can effectively stop flea bites within several days. This is highly useful for those who are suffering allergic reactions to their bites.

However, just because fleas have stopped biting you within several days does not mean you can stop treatments. The lifespan of a flea egg can last up to two years. While you may no longer be bit by fleas in the short term, if you do not take steps to stop them from hatching, you will be faced with another infestation.

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There are risks associated with the use of flea bombs. You will need to take precautions before you use them, covering any materials that might be damaged by the chemicals. In addition to this, flea bombs are highly flammable. When in use, there should be no lights on, pilot lights should be turned off, and heating systems should be deactivated. Equipment that can be damaged by dust, such as computers, should be turned off and covered.

When you use the flea bomb, expect to have to keep the room completely sealed for at least three hours. Afterwards, you will need to let it air out before it is habitable again. This is extremely important, as the room will be toxic until the flea bomb has settled and the chemicals have dissipated. No children or pets should be allowed into the room until well after it has had time to air out.

It is suggested that you use flea bombs as a last resort to prevent from exposing your family to chemicals. Coupling the flea bombs with Advantage, Front Line and other preventative measures will prevent heavy use of the bombs, which means less risk for you and your family.

Flea bombs can be purchased at many stores, and should be kept away from all sources of flame and heat.

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