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Teach Your Child To Avoid Dog Bites and Dog Attacks

Not every pest problem is some strange insect or unknown animal. Sometimes our animal friends such as dogs become pests. And when that happens you and your children need to be prepared. Here are some suggestions on how your children can avoid dog bites and dog attacks.

While parents cannot control every event, there are measures and precautions you can take to help your child avoid a dog bite. Teaching your child prevention techniques may save him/her from a traumatic attack. For example, children often become excited and rambunctious around dogs, running around and hugging the animal. This can make dogs nervous and cause them to lash out in a violent manner. Teach your child to behave in a more subdued and calm manner around dogs, as this will help calm the animal's nerves and instinctual responses.

Also, make sure your child always asks the dog's guardian for permission before petting the animal. Teach your child to then approach the dog slowly and let the animal sniff him/her before petting it. In addition, teach your child how to properly pet a dog. Most dogs prefer to be petted gently on their backs and sides and can become anxious, confused or angry when a child is petting wildly.

It is important to know the behavioral instincts of dogs to help prevent attacks. Dogs are naturally protective of property and their owners. Therefore, teach your child not to pet a dog that is playing with a toy, as the dog may think the child is trying to take the toy away.

Dogs, even the family pet, are also very protective of their food. Do not let your children interfere with a dog that is eating. If your family dog growls at you or your child when it is eating from its dog bowl - take its warning seriously and leave the dog alone.

Likewise, your child should know not to pet a dog that is behind a fence, because the dog may become protective of its property and lash out. Dogs can also become protective of their space when riding in vehicles, so children should also be careful about petting animals in someone else's car.

While children most often interact with family's and neighbors' pet dogs, they may encounter stray dogs. As such, it is important to teach them a few basic techniques to avoid provoking an attack.

First, they should know to never make direct eye contact with the animal. The dog make take such eye contact as a territorial challenge. Teach your child to come to a standstill, if a strange dog approaches. Never run away from a dog! Dogs, by nature, are geared to chase and attack running prey. Rather, teach your child to back away slowly from the animal and avoid sudden movements. Your child should move with confidence, but away from the animal stranger.

Of course, not all dog bites and attacks can be avoided. Even if you and your children take every precaution around dogs, some animals will still attack. In the event of an animal attack, seek medical attention immediately, especially if the dog is a stray. Even wounds that seem minor can easily become infected, if not properly treated.

About the Author:  Kenneth L. Christensen founded The Christensen Law Firm, PLLC, a personal injury law firm in Salt Lake City, Utah. He specializes in car accident, dog bites, wrongful death and serious injury cases. Learn more about Mr. Christensen at For more information on Utah dog bites, visit

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